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I have a new story, it is called Eternally in Love. If you give it a chance, I hope you enjoy.


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Chapter 6 – Confusion

Belle woke up, disoriented. Her vision was slightly blurred. When her vision finally cleared, she noticed she was in an unfamiliar room, full of reds and blacks. A quick scan of the room before she noticed movement in the corner of her eye.

  She saw Charlotte waking up, her hair was messed up, and she looked a little pale than usual, “Ugh, why do I feel like a steamroller has run over my head?” She whimpered. She rubbed her head before sluggishly; she went to lean on the bed with Belle

“So, have any idea where we may be?” Charlotte asked, her head resting on the bedpost. Belle shook her head, she was just as confused. Belle was about to say when a small ball of energy came rushed in

The small ball of energy was a small girl, Belle couldn’t have put an age on her, but if she had to guess, she would of said 7 or 8. The girl had blonde hair, put into 2 ponytails; she had lovely blue eyes that screamed ‘Angel’.

“Yes, I knew that you were awake, it was boring just watching you sleep. Now we can play!” Her voice came out quickly as expected of a perky 8 year old.

Charlotte turned her whole body around and faced the small child. Belle smiled at her, the girl smiled back

She looked at Charlotte for a moment, wondering what to make of her. She then formed a small smile.

To break the tension between them, Belle moved from the bed and spoke to the young girl. “Listen, we have no clue where we are or what happened at my house, some woman was there and’ then we woke up here and….I….” Belle was running out of words to say, the girl just laughed a cute laugh.

“You’re such a silly billy, you’re in Bridgeport. The woman was my cl….friend, she is called Anne. I’m happy that you are awake, you were out for more then a day. George and Andrew and Anne were not speaking in very nice voices, my guardian said that they were worried that you were given too much. I don’t know what it is, but how George, Andrew and Anne spoke, I’m guess it was bad” She whimpered. Belle felt sorry for her, but one name she said, she felt she heard it before.

Fortunately, Charlotte asked the question before she could. “Excuse me, little girl, did you say Andrew?”  Belle now realized where she heard the name from, she remembered that Charlotte was talking about her worries about her date, she mentioned her date was called Andrew Tiller, whether this was the same Andrew, Belle didn’t know. This girl couldn’t be friends with an adult, could she? “Yes, he is part of my group of friends.” The girl stared at Charlotte making her uncomfortable again. “What is your name? I’m Aella.” She asked. “I’m Charlotte.” Charlie said, “Charlotte? That’s a pretty name.” She smiled

“Can we play now?” Aella squealed, jumping up and down. We heard footsteps on the landing, and silently watched the door, waiting for it to open.

A woman entered,  “Aella, calm down. I could hear you from downstairs.”

She glanced at both of us, and offered a smile. Belle and Charlotte smiled back, the lady than spoke with Aella, but both of them couldn’t hear what was being said.

Belle turned away to face the wall, she was confused and disorientated, she wanted to break down and cry her little heart out. She wanted to go home, and forget this nightmare. Nothing made sense to her and so many questions were swimming around her head; Why was Charlotte’s date apart of this girl’s gang? Why did this woman, Anne, drug them and bring them miles away from home? What was going to happen to her and her friend?  All of these questions didn’t have reasonable answers or didn’t have answers at all.

Belle’s attention turned back to the duo at the front of the room, after the woman spoke out loud; “Ok, That’s sorted. Now go to school.” Aella left with a skip in her step, merrily chanted, “Ok, Watch out Isabelle and Charlotte! Daijah here can sometimes be crazy.” So, the woman’s name was Daijah. Something else though raised suspicion, Aella spoke Belle’s real name, Belle thought back to when she met her and she couldn’t recall when she said her name. Great, more confusion Belle thought as the woman approached her.

“Sorry, if Aella disturbed you in anyway. She has always been determined to make new friends to anyone she meets. As you now probably know, my name is Daijah Lee. I am Aella’s Guardian, I have been ever since her parents passed away a few years back.” Belle instantly felt sorry for the poor child, she had no idea what it was like to have no parents, let alone at her age and she seemed to be permanently cheerful.

“Is there anything wrong, Miss Columbine?”Belle jumped back in shock, Everyone seemed to know her name, but that wasn’t what shocked her; it was how close Daijah suddenly was. “I…I just want to go home. Why are we here, what are you going to do with us?” Belle was almost crying and she could hear it in her voice.

Daijah sighed and looked down for awhile before meeting Belle’s eyes again. “I’m afraid, you can never go home.” It was all she had to say before she disappeared out the door.

Chapter 5 – Stranger Knocking on the Door

“Earth to Bella, is anyone in there?” Charlotte’s voice ran out, breaking Belle’s trance.They had just finished lunch and all of a sudden, she was thinking of that mystery boy she saw at the park yesterday, his light blue eyes kept her up at night. Her dreams revolved around his topless body, before transforming into a nightmare when he is a monster, with sharpened fangs and his blue eyes glowed, then it would go into a very sexy dream; they would make love on the beach, kissing, hugging, stroking each other, then her dream would end. Normally she would have such dreams about a man she didn’t know, but this guy was different, but she didn’t know how.

“Yeah, I’m still here. What were you saying again?” She remember something about how her date left after she asked if he wanted to come inside. Charlie released a frustrated sigh, “I was saying that do you think that I scared off Andrew by being so forward. I mean, he is wonderful but by listening to your advice to ‘seal the deal’ I might of missed my chance to having a wonderful boyfriend that isn’t a jerk.”

Charlie was on the verge of tears and Belle’s heart softened, “Well, what did he say? You might of misread him.” Belle said, calmly. “Well he said and these are his exact words, ‘I’ll call you, promise.’ Then he kissed my cheek and I don’t know what happened after that, because I went indoors then” Tears rimmed her eyes, her lower lip quivered. “Well, that doesn’t seem so bad. It doesn’t sound like he is going to leave you after one date, maybe he had something urgent to do after.” Belle tried her best to reassure her, it seemed to have worked. “Well, he did kiss me on the cheek, you’re right. Now tell me, what boy were you dreaming about a moment ago?”

“I wasn’t dreaming about anybody Charlie! I was just lost in my thoughts, I wondering what job I should get, I can’t live on my Uncle’s money forever! The mortgage on the house my uncle gave me is a lot of money, I need to work. $16,000 ain’t going last, considering I put half in the bank for safe keeping and future investments.” Belle lied, bumbling nonsense.

“Yeah right, and I’m Lola Belle’s son real mother. I know that look, it’s the same one you had in High school, everytime Alex Macintosh came with in earshot of you, and remember how when Candi Phillips kissed him at the Halloween Ball, you almost dunked her head into the cranberry punch.” All of a sudden, Charlie had gone into memories of Isabelle’s painful childhood. “Yeah, Charlotte.” Belle said in a monotone voice. Charlotte stopped, remembering how life was for Isabelle back then, “Bells, I’m sorry.” Charlie spoke with sympathy. Belle nodded and the left the cafe to go to Belle’s house.

Belle sauntered in, dumping her keys on the table and retreating upstairs, with Charlotte hot on her heels. Belle landed with a soft thump, she leaned her head within the knuckles of her fist, she was staring dreamily into thin air. Charlotte stepped into her line of vision, “Spill it girl, you’re dreaming about someone. I won’t stop until you dish the dirt about this guy. Tell me now!” She pulled a face that meant business, she placed her hands in her back pockets, and waited for an answer.

“I’m not dreaming about anyone, Charlotte. I told you, my mind is in hundreds of different places at once.” Belle launched from the couch and strolled into her kitchen. Charlotte spun on her heel and followed her, shouting words that hit their mark; “Isabelle Ann-Marie Columbine, I know you, probably more then you do yourself, I know you are seriously crushing on someone. I won’t stop because I can’t believe that you wouldn’t trust me with telling that your think you’re in love with a guy. Belle, please. Tell. Me.” Chrlotte begged the last couple of lines.

“Coffee?” Belle asked out of the blue, she wanted to avoid the question, she may not be in love with the stranger, she might have crush, and crushes disappear, don’t they?

Charlotte answered her question, “Sure, Soy Latte with Coconut shavings .” She watched as her friend made her coffee; Chai with Chocolate Whipped Cream. She began to wonder if her friend was in denial or too afraid to admit it

Belle broke Charlotte’s wonderment as she spoke her thoughts, unknowingly. “It’s just a crush, plus I don’t know the man. He may have a girlfriend or wife already, I won’t ever meet him again ever. Though, why can’t I stop thinking about him then, and hurts to do so.”

Belle bit her bottom lip and went on her business as if she never spoke, she passed Charlotte with her Chai frozen in the door in shock. Belle sat down and gingerly sipped the hot liquid, sighing pitifully into her brew. Her thoughts were back on the mystery guy, maybe she did love him, but maybe not. She did not know and that was bugged her most about.

“So describe to me this guy, I might know him” Charlotte magically appeared in front of her with her with her Soy Latte. She raised a eyebrow before sipping her coffee. Belle quickly snapped out of her trance and began to describe him

“Well, he is a brunette and he has blue eyes, same color as mine. He is well built, muscular and…and that’s all I know really, He knows my name though, but I don’t know his… I’m so confused” Belle replied, finishing her coffee. “Hmmmm, I don’t know him, though you might of meet him since he knows your name.  Maybe a drunken one night stand, probably.” Charlotte suggested. Belle shook her head, she didn’t drink. Well, maybe a bit of red wine at Christmas, but that was it.

A buzz from the doorbell erupted the girls’ thoughts, “I wonder who that is?” Belle raised her eyebrow and went to answer the door with Charlotte hot on her heels.

Belle opened the door and saw a woman there with her hand in her hair, “May I help you?” Belle asked half way out the door, half in. “Umm… Yes, Are you Isabelle Columbine?” The woman asked. Belle was surprised that she knew her name, Did everyone knew her name?

Charlotte stepped around Belle to see who the visitor was, “Yeah, I’m Isabelle, What can I help you with?” Charlotte could sense Belle was nervous by the sound of her voice. The woman just smiled and dug into her pocket. She leaned over to both of them, they felt a small pinch then everything went black.

Chapter 4 – Plans

Alexis Ryan sat in her office, located outside the perimeter of the city, but located to still get a stunning view of the capital. She had just received word, from anonymous tipper, that George had found his mate.  Worry set in her cold, dead heart, if Isabelle and George fall in love with each other and kiss before The Restoration, all this hard work and labor would be for nothing, then fury settled, “That Bastard! He will pay for his insolence.”.

Hours after the discovery, she called her men to her quarters and they came in no time. “Listen to me, Gentlemen. George Edwards has found his mate, her name is Isabelle Ann-Marie Columbine. The girl has black hair, blue eyes, you would notice she has a black choker with a metal black heart, an gift from her late Uncle Jeremy. I want you to hunt her down, but don’t kill her.” Alexis filled her 2 favorite men of her enormous clan.

“Why Mistress? Please pardon my questioning, but I’m curious.” Branson Griffon asked, cautiously. Alexis was a powerful woman, cross her and you will end up as lunch, and that’s just the people outside her clan, may God have mercy on your soul then.

“It’s simple, Branson. I see Isabelle will be a very important aspect, if I bring her here, slowly drain her of blood, when she is within an inch of her life, I’ll stop, I’ll let her bleed to death. George will be heartbroken, then I will get my revenge for what he did.” She replied, darkly.

David Powers sat squirming in his seat, secretly he wondered what happened between the pair, obviously something horrid, that would cause Alexis to go half mad. He hadn’t been in the clan long, but he knew not to disobey Alexis Ryan. David wondered why Branson was so dedicated to make her happy, he knew that Branson wasn’t telling something that David didn’t know.

In all his 25 years on earth, he had never seen a woman so scorned.This George must of broken his Sire’s heart pretty bad. That is if she even had a heart! David secretly hated the woman, he wanted to be farthest away from her as possible. Unfortunately, he couldn’t if he tried to escape Alexis would kill him. Xavier, the former leader of the clan, was nearly as mad as her, he wondered a second time if Xavier transferred his madness to hers.

Alexis’ cold sharp voice broke his reverie, “Do any of you want some Absolut Vodka?” She quickly moved over to the bar, and began to mix drinks, before the men could speak. They ended up retreating to the couch opposite the bar. “So, Miss Ryan. Where does the target live?” David’s voice was but a fearful murmur. “Well, you will be please to know that you won’t be sitting through another ghastly plane journey, George and his do-gooders are bring Isabelle here along with them, to speak the Head Child. So, all we really do is play the waiting game.”

To all vampires, the Head Child was a nickname to Aella Tanis, leading a Clan at aged 8 shocked the whole secret community.

As she finished mixing and pour the alcohol, she cheerfully announced “Help yourselves, Gentlemen. There is more where that came from.” She grabbed a drink for herself, and took a big gulp of the bitter liquid. “Is anything ok, Boss?You’re not normally like this.” Branson spoke, but quickly held his tongue,  wishing he hadn’t spoke his words, the cheerful demeanor changed his attitude.

“I perfectly fine, it’s just the thrill of the hunt, I guess if I may seem a bit off. I almost can’t wait. But I guess I have to wait.” Alexis pupils dilated and her voice rose an octave with each word she spoke. Branson and David exchanged worrisome looks before nodding their understanding.

After the men had finished their drink they left , leaving Alexis all along with her thoughts, she remember her time, long ago, the day George became one of them.









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Chapter 3 – Short Fuse

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“I had a great time, tonight.” Charlotte whispered to Andrew, more to herself. “Me too.” Andy murmured, he obviously heard her. Charlotte slowly raised her gaze into his deep blue eyes and smiled a shy smile. Charlie, remembering what Belle said, asked a question. “Would you like to come in?”

Andrew caught Anne across the road, tapping her wristwatch. “I can’t tonight, sorry.” He watched her face fell, sorrow attacking her sea-blue eyes “I’ll call you, promise.” He reached over and kissed her cheek. Charlotte perked up instantly, “Bye” Andy winked and watched as Charlotte retreated to the house, blushing, holding the cheek he kissed. As soon as the door, he frowned and headed stubbornly to Anne.

“WHAT!” He yelled. Anne completed unfazed said ” Nice to see you as well. George is moving to Bridgeport, he wants us to bring Isabelle with him.”  She saw Andy, seemed to get more infuriated, “Why can’t he do it himself. I have a life, the world doesn’t revolve around him.” Anne was shocked at his outburst. “You know that he and Belle are our only chance to return to our natural state! Now come on, we have a job to do.” Anne grumbled, walking to the city. “No, I’m speaking to George about this” Andy began racing to the sea front.

Anne caught up with him, as they reached George’s porch. “Andrew, wait here. I’ll…I’ll go fetch him. Just please stay here.” Anne begged. Andrew accepted and waited for George to appear.

George emerged for the doorway, but no sign of Anne. He closed the door and turned to Andrew for where he stood. He lent his back against the doorway and addressed Andrew, “So, Anne tells me you wanted to talk to me about something?” George acted like he had came round of a nice chat over a pleasant cup of fucking tea. “I’d like to know why I’m putting my life on hold, to search for your fucking mate. Why can’t you do it yourself? I had to cut my date short and possible made her think I’m not interested in her, all because of you.” Andrew didn’t beat around the bush, he was irritated and sick and tired of being George’s fucking delivery guy.

“So you’re interested in Miss Grey? So, you’re playing the field, gotten over Elizabeth?” George pushed himself away from the door and put his hand over hiss chin as if he was thinking. “That’s not the point George. The point is that I’m not doing this, I’m not going after Belle, because you say so. You’re the youngling, you listen to me not the other way around!” George gestured for him to sit on the steps, so he joined him.

“You know that we have a week to break this curse, by next week, it will be exactly 50 years since Xavier forced us to walk like humans. I know I’ve I haven’t been here that long, but Anne wants to be back to her natural state, I want that too, along with Aella. I’m not sure about to you, but that how things are going to be.” George slumped and his hands dangled inbetween his knees. “You should the curse by now, I can’t be near Belle until the day of The Restoration, then I have to kiss her by midnight, but she has too fall in love with me. Moving her with me to Bridgeport is the only way I see she could do that, I may not be able to be near her, but you two can.” George concluded his long winded speech.

George put his arm behind his head, “So tell me about Charlotte. She seems quite the catch. Brunettes are ok but I prefer mine darker.” George smirked, Andrew raised a curious gaze, “How do you know she was a brunette?”

“What? I know more then you think?” George smirked. “What’s that’s suppose to mean?” Andy shot angry daggers from his eyes. “Why am I not to know about my mate’s best friend. Personally I see no harm, but Belle might…” George would of continued until Andy threw him off the stairs.

A screaming match started between the two. Anne, oblivious to the fight, cheerfully declared “Are We going to get Isabelle now or what?” Andrew and George glared at her, she shut up and crawl to the edge of the top step and sat it out, sensing this was going to be a long one.

“So what, I can’t love another but my mate. If you didn’t know she’s dead. That’s rich coming from you, especially since you’re fucking Anne. Don’t denied it, Edwards. We know, It ok with only you, isn’t it?” Andrew snapped. “We broke up when George found Belle, Andy. So, you got nothing on him.” Anne piped up from her small spot. Andrew finally admitting defeat growled through his teeth, “Let’s go get Belle, Anne.” Throwing a menacing glare that unfazed George, he left towards the city, with Anne hot on his heels. “For the record Andy, I’m stopping you dating. This is just a way to restore what was taken from us.”

Long after they were gone, George glanced up to the sky, as it turned a light pinkish hue. The tide was low and it slapped against the land, it was almost a calming effect. George could see why humans loved to listen to waves to help them soothe their nerves. 

  He hated fighting with Andy, but to make things work the way he thought they would, he had to start a exhausting battle to make things clear. George hadn’t noticed but the tide was now nestling around his waist, he quickly stood up and raced to his house, to change his soaking clothes. 

Chapter 2 – George and Anne








George returned home after seeing Belle at the park. He didn’t think it was a coincidence that she was at the same park at the same time. There are hundreds of fucking parks on this island!  Belle was special, the poor girl didn’t know how special.

George was exhausted, he of all people should know that you can’t be near joined souls when the timing is not right, it can drain both of them until death. That was the only reason why he said ‘Good morning Belle’ to her, to scare her to leave, but by the end, he was getting very weak he had to leave, Belle would probably keep asking questions about how he knew her. DAMN YOU AELLA! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!  He crossly thought to his Sire’s daughter, now leader of their clan.

Aella controls the clan, so far their is only 3 vampires among them, Andrew Tiller is the eldest of the lot, then Anne Song came next, then along came him. Aella also controls the clan’s joined souls, that’s how George came to the conclusion that Belle was there at the same time as him was not a fucking coincidence!

He kicked his shoes off once he got inside and slumped onto the couch. It took him a minute, but he realized the house was empty, Anne or Andy was usually around. In the quietness of the house, he could hear the seagulls cawing and the sea lapping against his back garden. He rose up from the couch and walked to his back door.

He stood on the porch, and gazed onto the horizon. He loved living near the sea, but he hated feeling hot everytime he went outside, if he went outside for more than 4 hours normally he would collapse into a pile of ash. Now, he would just get sun burnt.

50 years ago, his clan got into some trouble with another clan and now they were cursed to walk as humans, to break this curse they had to be with their joined soul, they had to love the joined soul and they had to love them back. The other clan had one guy called Branson Griffon, he made it his job to eliminate the joined souls, he had already took down Anne’s and Andrew’s. The clan restoration all laid upon him with Belle, and he had a week to do it, Branson would all focusing on killing Belle. That cannot happen.

He phone beeped bringing him out of his reverie, it was a text from Anne. Hey handsome. Want some company;).  George smiled at the wink face before texting back with Sure. He sauntered back into his house, waiting for Anne.

Hours later, he was inside Anne, thrusting her to an orgasm. “OH, YES GEORGE!” Anne screamed as he thrust her harder, he laid kisses all over her body, before taking her nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue over the sensitive flesh. She dug her nails across his back, drawing blood. “George…” She whispered as he gave as much attention to the other breast.

He felt Anne climax as her muscles tightened around him, he pumped his release into to her “Anne.” He moaned her name, as they both reached their end.

George rolled off her and tried to calm his breathing. “Is anything wrong, George? I know something is on your mind” Anne asked. George knew she would of noticed, when he answered the front door, she gave him a look that said ‘Is anything the matter’. He sighed and lifted himself off of the bed.

Anne followed him to the dresser and watched him gaze out of window into the dark beach. “I saw her. I saw Belle.” He murmured. He heard her take a sharp intake of breath. “So, that’s the end of us, I guess.” Anne finally spoke, George turned around and saw he sad smile, it broke his heart, but they agreed until he found his soul mate, they could date but they could never really be together.

George and Anne never expected it to be so soon, “I think it was Aella who cause me to run into her at the park, you don’t meet your soul mate until The Restoration.” George laughed and grabbed his clothes from the floor, Anne did the same. “I’m sorry, Anne.” He said as he put on his shirt.

“For what, we knew what would happen, when you find Isabelle. Anyway, is that all you wanted to tell me? Anne asked as she returned to his side. “No, I’m moving back to Bridgeport, I want to talk to Aella and I want Belle to be close, do you think you and Andy could help me?” George pleaded with Anne as he came to face her. “Sure, I’ll go grab him. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with her. Please be nice to Aella, she is only 8” Anne joked as she turned away from him and began walking to the door.

“Why is Andrew, I haven’t seen him all day” George spoke to Anne, stopping her before she left.

“He said he was going on a date with a mortal girl, Charlotte Grey, I think her name was.” Anne replied, before leaving.